B2B Marketing During a Crisis: 8 Ways to Keep Awareness Up


  1. Communicate appropriately
  2. Read the room
  3. Drop the hard sell, now
  4. Live your company values
  5. Reset media relations expectations
  6. Time campaigns
  7. Call customers
  8. Revisit your PR strategy

Messaging, Messaging, Messaging

  1. Is our tone appropriate in everything we’re distributing?
  2. Is announcing a feature set or new clients wise right now?
  3. Did we reread all scheduled content?
  4. Are we active on the right channels?
  5. How have clients been affected? If so, can we help them?

Practice Email Distancing

Read the room or else.

Ease Up On the “Sell”

Live Your Company Values

Reset PR Program Expectations

Don’t Turn a Campaign Into a “Slampaign”

Contact Customers

Revisit Your Media Relations Strategy

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John Forberger

John Forberger

I run Forberger Communications, a B2B Public Relations firm for retail vendors (SaaS businesses, Shopify apps, tools, agencies). www.johnforberger.com